Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, she is just about perfect. The woman is obviously gorgeous, smart and is becoming one of Hollywood’s most sought after actresses.  Could there be anything wrong with her? Well, not really but she did make one statement that made be believe she is completely nuts.

The Wonder Woman star tells InStyle magazine that she loves being pregnant and giving birth.  “I love giving birth.  I would do it once a week if I could.  It is so magical.  I always take epidurals, to be fair, so it’s not so painful.  Just the moment you feel like you’re creating life, it’s incredible”.

Is she high? And I say that with love.  Obviously she wasn’t high but as  mom of two, I just don’t get it.  Maybe it is because I had completely drug free child birth.  Totally worth it because I got a couple of great kids at the end of it but it is not something I want to repeat.  I get it, it is a beautiful experience but “Loving” being pregnant and giving birth.  That’s a hard no.  But then she is Wonder Woman after all.  And they don’t call you that for nothing.