Is your New Year’s resolution still intact? If your resolution was working out chances are that’s a no. But if it’s to get more sleep then it may help to know just what is keeping you up at night. And in many cases, people report losing sleep over Covid-19. A new study by PlushBeds polled 1,000 people to see what is causing them sleep-related stress. Covid-19, politics, finances, work, and more were common stressers.
Here are some of the key findings regarding sleeplessness related to COVID-19:
  • 55% of people are losing sleep over unvaccinated individuals, making it the fourth top listed sleep stressor, with baby boomers and Gen Z’ers both citing unvaccinated individuals as one of their top 5 sleep stressors
  • 46% are losing sleep over potentially contracting COVID-19 and 44% are losing sleep over vaccine mandates
  • 40% say getting the COVID-19 vaccine has been a sleep stressor
  • People losing sleep over thoughts of contracting COVID-19 are 15% more likely to have trouble falling asleep and 8% more likely to have trouble staying asleep

View the full study, findings, and methodology here.