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One of the most depressing things you can do is just go the Go Fund Me homepage and start browsing.  I equate it to how we feel each Thanksgiving/Christmas when we do promotions to help those in need.  We get SO MANY submissions.  All are more than worthy.  However, we can only choose a few.  In the end, I feel a sense of futility rather than satisfaction of helping someone.  That is NOT the feeling I got when I came across Fred Murray’s page.  This crazy Irishman started growing a combover two years ago to honor a friend who’d passed from cancer.  And the video of his follicle progression is amazingly funny.

Fred’s inspiration was Fiona Cribbon, who at 39 was diagnosed with breast cancer, lost her fight two years later.  Afterwards, Fred decided to raise money for cancer research by growing what he describes as the “worst” hairstyle he could manage.  Good for Fred.