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Nashville got hit with a wintry mix last week and many country stars took advantage of the snow, including Dierks Bentley.

Bentley posted two videos to Instagram where he is seen riding a mountain bike through a snow covered wooded area. In the first one seen below things are going smoothly for the “Beers on Me” singer, he is even impressively maneuvering his bike through a narrow bridge, all while holding his phone in one hand.

However as he is filming part 2, things don’t go as smoothly. Brakes are screeching and the next thing you know Bentley is on the ground laughing.

He captioned the video “what I get for trying to film and bike in the snow…part 2: the Tennessee remix. what an idiot.” You can also hear him say “You think I’d learned my lesson.” This isn’t the first time Bentley has taken a tumble while biking, he was in a similar situation last winter in Colorado. Maybe he should get a go pro like many fans suggested in the comments. 

Luckily, the singer-songwriter wasn’t injured during his fall.

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