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In all fairness, it must be pointed out that most stars do not do this, as it can really backfire.  I’ve read more than one account over the years of an actor-convinced of having done the best work of his/her life in the best movie ever-only to sneak into the back of a movie theater and hear jeers and misplaced laughter at what was happening on the screen.  That moment would be devastating.  That being said, former movie “Spider-man,” Adrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire sneaking into screenings of “Spider-man:  No Way Home” to gauge audience enthusiasm to their appearance?  They knew it was going to be an ego-boosting home run.

The pandemic has to help this kind of thing, though.  Garfield (“The Amazing Spider-man”) and Maguire (the original “Spider-man” trilogy) were able to walk into theaters wearing face coverings and baseball caps and sit unnoticed as fans went wild at the moment when both appeared on-screen.