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Carly Pearce had a rough 2020 thanks to her divorce from Michael Ray (after just months of marriage) which she chronicled in her latest album 29 and in the song with the same name.

Carly isn’t shy to talk about the failed relationship in her music and interviews. She recently told us that she doesn’t blame herself for the loss. She said, “To me, as an adult, something that you probably wrestle with more is trying to not assign so much blame to yourself. A lot of times there are things that you overlook, and there are things that maybe you, in the end, know that you should’ve known, and [you tell yourself] I’m gonna pay attention more.”

She added, “And I think as you grow and as you go through life and you go through all different kinds of relationships, you learn that and you figure that out and hopefully you’re better for the next.”

Carly Pearce