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Several years ago, Robert Durst was the talk of the country.  Before you try to remember if it was for a good thing, let me clear that up…it was not.  Robert Durst, reclusive member of a billionaire New York real estate family, was a man accused-but never convicted of 3 murders over a 30-year period.  His story was featured in the HBO mini-series, “The Jinx.”

The most stunning moment (of many!) came in the final moments of the final episode as Durst appeared to confess on a live mic (but off-camera) to killing.

This was the first time I could remember a TV show/movie affecting justice as all new investigations were opened as a result.  Now, Robert Durst is dead.  The convicted murderer died in prison just three months since being found guilty of killing his best friend, Susan Berman.  Durst died in the state prison hospital facility in Stockton, California at the age of 78.  Reports indicate Durst’s death was the result of natural causes stemming from a variety of ailments and he had been suffering from bladder cancer. Durst gained infamy following the 2015 HBO documentary miniseries, “The Jinx.”