Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Is there anything sweeter than a kiss from your favorite person.  A kiss can either make or break a relationship.  I dated this guy a couple of times and I really liked him.  He was cute, really smart in school and the time came for that first all important kiss.  It happened at a pool and the kiss was so bad I walked home and never talked to him again.  I know that’s mean but there was really nothing left to say after that:)

A survey by Shane Company tells us which states have the best kissers and I am happy to say that my state, South Carolina, is proudly represented in the top ten.  Surprisingly Florida boasts the best kissers in the nation!  You go Florida!

  1.  Florida 2) New York 3) Nevada 4) Texas 5) Arkansas 6) SOUTH CAROLINA  Whoop Whoop 7) Kansas 8) Oregon 9) tie between Wisconsin and Washington


Just as there are good kissers in the world there are also BAD kissers.  Poor things.  Here are the states with the Worst Kissers.  Let’s start at 10)  Arizona and Kentucky tie 9) Michigan 8) California 7) Oklahoma 6) Idaho 5) Mississippi 4) Illinois 3) Pennsylvania 2) Hawaii and the all time worst kissers can be found in Alabama

To learn more about how you can become a better kisser check out this great article in Self magazine