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When I heard this happened in my home state of Texas, I was not even marginally surprised.  Y’all, back home we’ve got bugs as big as Buicks and they are tough and aggressive.  So, here’s what happened.  A man was working in his garage when he felt a bug fly into his ear.  Turns out it was a moth…and once removed…it was still alive!

Texas-Sized Insects | This Came Out of Me

Texas-sized insects 🤝 ear canals #ThisCameOutOfMe is back tonight at 9p ET on Discovery Channel! 🪲

I think my favorite part of the video was the back and forth in the ER.  When asked if he felt like the bug was still alive, the man says, “It feels like it’s got some wings and it’s down on my eardrum.”   Can you imagine what that must feel like?  How it would drive you bananas?