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Last August, we got a look at the first trailer for Showtime’s “Yellowjackets.”  At the time, we blogged out a recommendation to you.  It looked like it could be really binge-worthy stuff.  The series started on November 14, and our DVR has been recording every episode.  We’ve been meaning to watch it, but hadn’t yet…until 2 days ago.

We’ve now consumed all nine available episodes and are SO ALL IN for Sunday night’s season finale.  “Yellowjackets” stars Juliette Lewis (pictured above), Christina Ricci, and an amazing ensemble cast.  It is part “Alive,” part female “Lord of the Flies,” part murder mystery/conspiracy, and 100% addictive as anything we’ve watched in a while.  This weekend is gonna be one of those where you’re not gonna want to leave the house.  This show is a great way to spend the day (when football is not on, of course <g>).