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If there’s one thing I’m reminded of again and again doing this job it’s this:  every time I think I’ve heard and seen it all, there’s always something else.  Today’s example?  Camel Wrestling.  There is actually a camel wrestling festival in western Turkey.  In fact, The 40th International Camel Wrestling Festival went down yesterday with more than 150 camels sporting fancy saddles, blankets, etc. on their humps and necks.  Although the event attracts thousands each year, this doesn’t stop animal rights activists who are appalled by the notion of such an event.

Here’s how it works.  The camels are brought into a sandy arena to get it on.  They (the camels) are wearing muzzles to prevent bite wounds and spectators gather on a hill adjacent to the arena-cooking, drinking, and partying while watching and enjoying the show.  Still, it’s hard to imagine animal activists NOT being PO’d at this tho, right?