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So, before we go any further into this story and video, I’ve got to comment on the first 5 seconds of Madison Montes’ “Server Stories” TikTok rant.  “I’m a server at a local sports bar…check the ‘fit.”  I could not stop laughing and ran this back several times.  In other words, “I’ve got a huge gripe to share with you about my life as a server, but first…can we just acknowledge how I’ve dressed myself today?”  Too funny.  Anyway, Madison’s story is one that has me shaking my head at people.

Don’t be this couple.  Really?!  “I didn’t order the gratuity.”  Your bill is $100 and you stiff the tip?!  My dad told me something as I started dating and I’ve never forgotten it.  He said, “If you can’t afford the tip, then you can’t afford to eat at that restaurant.”  Further, 15% is the absolute minimum and that’s for the worst service on the planet.  Start at 20% and go up from there.  Oh, and remember to, “Check the ‘fit.”