Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Don’t even get my daughter started on Keanu Reeves.  He is Emily’s man.  And for years she tried to talk me into liking him too.  Honestly I didn’t care for him much as an actor.  He seemed to be kind of a one trick pony to me.  You know, every role he just seemed to kind of play the same.

But then I heard more and more about the guy as a person and now I am just as crazy about him as Emily is.  Well, almost.  He tries not to make the news when he does it, but he just can’t stop himself from helping others and giving away money, lots of it.

The New York Post says Keanu Reeves gives away so much of his money because he is embarrassed by how much money he makes.  A source tells the newspaper that he has earned $315 million from acting but lives modestly and gives most of it away to reputable charities and just individuals he meets and feels they could use some help.

The Post says the actor recently gave $20,000 to a Matrix set builder after he learned the builder was having financial problems. To learn more about all the good this man does, details here