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When Gabby Barrett posted a photo of her and her husband and 1-year-old daughter Baylah at Disneyworld on Instagram earlier this week (1/18), she covered her daughter’s face with a black heart, and fans questioned her. Gabby responded.

The Instagram post was captioned, “Happy 1st birthday to my heart. My precious little girl. My daughter. It’s not possible to explain in words the love a mother has for her child. But being a parent has made me appreciate my mother and father a whole lot more for what they did for my siblings and I. I will defend and protect you always. My number one goal in this life does not have to do with singing/entertaining but raising a God-fearing Christian, who loves Christ more than her mom and dad could ever. Praise God for you my love, and for motherhood. Mama & Dada love you always.”

Barrett posted on her Insta stories after fans reacted with criticism, “For the people constantly commenting on Baylahs face being blocked out on pictures. She is our daughter. We will not purposefully take pictures without her in them because we keep her face identity private.”

She added, “We’re protecting her from weird predators that lurk the internet in search of children. Please respect how we’ve decided to protect our child.”