Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

When I was an itty bitty broadcaster just out of college,  I worked in radio full time and I also worked as a television reporter part time.  My very first assignment was reporting on a traffic accident on I 77 in South Charlotte.

Man was I nervous, but my camera man had me put on an orange vest and out by the side of the highway I went to tape the segment that was to air on the 6pm news.  One reporter forgot her vest it looks like. She was struck by a car during  a live TV broadcast in West Virginia before she stood up, brushed it off and even managed to finish her report.

Her name is Tori Yorgey  of West Virginia’s WSAZ-TV and she was getting ready to report on a water main break in Dunbar when an SUV appeared in the shot and slammed into her according to the Hookup.  I’m ok she tells the anchor on the air.  He replies “Wow, that’s a first for you isn’t it”.

Actually it was the second time Tori has been hit by a car.  She said the first time it happened she was in college.  Be careful Tori!!  Stay well off the road and wear that orange vest!

Watch: Reporter Accidentally Hit By Car On Live TV, Finishes Report – YouTube

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