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This is what it looks like when someone doesn’t look both ways when pulling on to a highway from a stop sign and ends up on the business end of my truck.  Yeah, I was upset, but no one was hurt and as much as I hate being without my truck, it’s fixable.  People, sometimes, are not.  Speaking of fixing, this happenstance unfortunately, pointed out what also is in serious need of mending-more on that in a second.

The incident took place in Waxhaw a week ago and I’ve been thinking about writing this since.  Yes, the wreck ruined my day.  However, that occurrence is not what bothered me most in the moment and in those since.  Let me ask you a couple of questions.

If you have issue with something someone has written on social media, do you have any problem stepping up to the confrontation table and speaking your piece as a keyboard warrior?

If you believe in wearing a face covering everywhere you go, and you find yourself in close proximity to one who does not, do you have any hesitancy with speaking your mind to this person?

If your answer to both is “no,” how about this?  If you see a woman outside a store who has excessive groceries or an abnormally large or awkward item to load in her car, do you stop to help her?  There’s a big shopping center just up from our home.  I was browsing in and out some of the stores last week when I saw an employee help a lady get her 4 chairs outside of a store, but then just left her there.  I paused for a second to see if anyone was going to do anything as she stood there with an “Okay, how am I going to get these to and in the car” look on her face.  No fewer than 4 men and 2 other store employees walked right by her, head down or absorbed in each’s phone.  I couldn’t believe it.  So, I immediately stepped up and helped her get her purchases in her vehicle.  It took less than 2 minutes and is/was the right thing to do.  If that was your wife, if that was your mother, wouldn’t you like someone to help her?  Of course you would.

How about this?  If your answer is “no” to the first two examples, and you witness a pretty big traffic accident right in front of you, do you stop to check on the people involved?  Do you call 911?  Do you wait for authorities to arrive to give witness account?  Highway 75 in Waxhaw is a pretty heavily traveled road in Union County.  It was busy at 1:20 in the afternoon last Thursday.  How many people do you think stopped to check on me or my wife (riding beside me in the truck)?  How many called 911?  How many waited for authorities to arrive?  If your answer is “less than 1,” you are correct.  That’s right, NONE!

Pardon my coarseness here, but what the hell has happened to us?  As a society, when did we stop caring about each other?  I mean, we’re REAL QUICK to confront or antagonize, but when it comes to being decent, to being helpful?  We’re not just pathetically slow, our concern level is apathetically non-existent.

I saw a meme this morning that read, “I wish there was a ‘Lost and Found’ for our innocence.”  I’m afraid you’ll find it right next to the one for our humanity.

This weekend, take 2 minutes to offer to do something unexpected and unrequested for a stranger.  Granted, you may be met with a bizarre look (as the shock of such a nice gesture will be overwhelming).  You might be met with a polite decline.  However, you might be met with a smile and a look of gratitude at your offer and assistance.  You might just restore that person’s faith in humanity.  And it will definitely remind you of yours.

And then, maybe we can continue to find what has apparently been lost, together.