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I cannot applaud this dude enough.  Look, our workspace is never boring.  Music, blinking lights, HUGE window looking down into Dilworth, computer graphics, etc.  Plus, we’re always talking with you guys, so each day is a new adventure.  That being said, I remember walking through our deserted office during the pandemic and seeing just a sea of generic, bland, windowless, white, empty cubicles.  My thought was, “Man, NO WAY could I face each day in one of these.”  Apparently, Mike Beckham, the CEO of Simple Modern recognized how dreary this existence could be.  As his employees started returning to the office, one of his employees asked if he could decorate his cubicle.  “Sure!”  How. Cool. Is. This?  The dude turned his cube into a rustic cabin!  Faux wood floors, faux taxidermy on the walls, a faux fireplace, and even a fake lakeside view has replaced the plain and generic that was there before it.