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I’m more than a few years removed from my athletic prime.  I can distinctly remember a time when, if given 2 minutes, I could give you fifty pushups and fifty sit-ups and not even be breathing that hard.  That being said, if you were to ask me to do any number of push-ups today?  I would closely resemble “John Winger” (Bill Murray) from the movie, “Stripes.”

Which leads me to the other end of the spectrum.  Meet The 24-year-old Thounaojam Niranjoy Singh of Manipur, India.  Recently, the broke his own Guinness World Record by completing 109 pushups…sorry, FINGERTIP pushups…in one minute.  His previous best was 105.

Now, before you race to get down on the floor and give this ago, I invite you to once again visit the “Stripes” video above and get real with yourself. 😉