Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Dang, I thought I had this thing all figured out.  I wore my mask, avoided crowds (don’t really like big crowds anyway), got my vaccines.  It had been two years since the dreaded C word was swirled around so I thought Aha!  I am safe.  Well yes and no. I now have covid and this has been my experience so far.

Here is how it happened.  My husband works a little part-time job at a bookstore in Gastonia while in retirement from law enforcement.  He goes into work one day and and two people there let him know they are returning from being sick with Covid.  He had no idea they had been sick and counted back realizing he had been around them while they were contagious.  He feels like he has basically a bad cold/cough/sore throat the next week.  We are spouses/live in the same house/probably smooched before he became symptomatic and voila.

This past Friday, I started feeling a little under the weather.  I had very mild cold symptoms.  I took a home test.  It was negative.  I took a second test 24 hours later and the lines lightly showed up that I tested positive.  Ya’ll it is my personal opinion that these home tests are very deceiving.  We are not trained to give ourselves tests like this.  This past Sunday I went to an actual doctor and got an actual medical test and it lit up positive just as quickly as it could. The doctor got a much better sample than I was willing to dive for at home.  Here is the good news!

While I did feel pretty rotten for a few days with cough/sore throat/congestion/some fever, I believe here on day four I have turned a corner.  I slept A LOT last night and woke up with just a sore throat.  I feel like feeding the horses, walking the dog, writing a blog  etc etc etc.  My husband is trying to rein me in.  I truly believe that being vaccinated helped me basically sail through this.  I respect everyone’s right to choose but I am glad that was my choice.

So, if this variant just presents as a bad cold basically for some, why get tested?  Here is why.  Just because I am getting through unscathed, someone I work closely with may not have the same Covid experience.  Or they may carry to someone who could die from it or has a bad reaction for whatever reason.  Knowledge is power.  And because I went to a medical clinic for testing, he was able to prescribe medicines to help expedite my healing.  To learn more from actual experts just go here

Stay safe and be well!