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Think you know where the best is?

We all know Philadelphia made the cheesesteak famous, but every state has its own version.  “Eat This, Not That!” has put together a list of the best cheesesteaks in every state. The original basic cheesesteak consists of a hoagie roll, with chopped steak, onions, and depending on where you live, either American, provolone, or Whiz cheese.  Some of the notable locations to get one of these famous sandwiches include, The Great Western & Hoagie Co. in Venice California, Sonny’s Famous Steak Hoagies in Hollywood Florida, Rondo’s Submarine Sandwiches in South Boston, Federoff’s Roast Pork in Brooklyn New York, and Max’s Steaks in Philadelphia.

NC winner was in Raleigh. Here is what was said about it: A great cheesesteak in North Carolina takes a little work, but it’s worth it. The Stanley’s James Beard-nominated Chef Paul Verica debuted a cheesesteak pop-up last year and they’ve been selling out ever since. You can get the Philly native’s take on the sandwich, but only if they have the right bread delivered.

SC winner was Geo’s Pilly Steak Grill in Conway. Piled sky high with shaved steak, locals rave about the sandwiches at Geo’s Philly Steak Grill. “The cheesesteaks here are absolutely amazing! French fries are always cooked to perfection.”

Where is the best Cheesesteak?