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I believe I can speak for millions of boys around the world with this next statement.  From the moment I saw my first “Star Wars” movie, I have dreamed about how cool it would be to actually have a lightsaber.  Of course, it is a weapon of science fiction.  There’s no way it could ever be a reality, right?  WRONG!

How amazing is this?!  Russian social media standout, Alex Burdan, has done the impossible, yes?  And is it just me or does it resemble Kylo Ren’s from the last three movies?

Alex’s saber is a three-foot plasma stream that reaches temperatures of more than 2,800 degrees.  With military tensions between America and Russia mounting over the Ukranian border, how freaked out would you be as an American soldier if all of the sudden it appeared the Russian Army was loaded with Jedi’s fighting with “The Force” behind them? <g>