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Just when I think I can’t see anything that will shock me-no matter how horrific it may be-I come across something like this.  As a parent, I find this unthinkable.  This is on top of how I feel as a human being, that this is deplorable (at best).  Full warning here.  Before you press play, you are going to be horrified.  This is not a doll either, but a little girl that is put into peril.  Okay, here’s the story.  A mom in Uzbekistan has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly throwing her 3-year-old daughter into the bear enclosure at Tashkent Zoo.  The fall was 16 feet and you see how fast the bear rushes toward the child.

Now for the good news.  The child suffered injuries from her fall, but otherwise was unharmed.  I find it fascinating that even a bear recognizes there’s something very wrong about this situation and chooses not to mess with kid whatsoever.  Sad when a beast kept in a cage is more humane than a mother allowed to roam free amongst us.