Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

TikTok has declared that diminutive guys, short fellas, need a whole season of their own.  The social media platform says that little guys deserve the royal treatment and we agree!

“Short kings is the new wave. Sorry to all you giraffes”  One short king even celebrated with his very own dance.  The idea is single ladies should consider swiping right on guys 5’8 or less.  It is a group that has been notoriously looked over on dating apps.

Anyone taller than 5’11  does not qualify to participate in this movement designed to give shorter fellas a leg up.  The TikTok tag #ShortKing has more than 329 million views. To learn more about Short King Spring check out the article in the New York Post

I imagine at 5’5 Justin Moore is our shortest fella and we adore him!