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In North Carolina or anywhere else in the eastern United States, the black bear is the only bear species. The successful recovery of the American black bear in North Carolina is one of wildlife management's greatest achievements.

I joke that we’re all about to become embroiled in “the animal revolution.”  It seems that every day there’s a story about “monkeys doing this,” or “bears doing that.”  And yes, here is yet another “bears doing that” tale.  Melissa Champney is a New Hampshire woman who was just having a normal day.  Right up to the point she looked out her dining room window and noticed a bear stuck on the front porch.

I think my favorite part of this is when she just casually says the bear was “eating” the porch.   Champney says, the mud room’s door is often left ajar so the couple’s cats can easily get in and out, but apparently “Pooh” shut the door behind upon arrival.  At least she can’t blame her kids for not closing the door, right?  Oh, Champney was able to get the door open and the bear left on its own.