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A few years ago (and I think it was here in Charlotte), I became painfully aware that Phil Collins was having some serious health issues.

It wasn’t so much that he fell on stage (I think Luke Bryan falls on stage here in Charlotte every time he plays PNC <g>) as much as it was that it took a crew to get him back in a chair.  Phil Collins is a rock music legend-both as a solo performer and the lead singer (since 1975) for the rock group, “Genesis.”  Phil Collins is 70.  Where once stood a man with boundless energy now sits one with severe nerve damage from multiple back surgeries who is incapable of holding drumsticks-much less playing the drums (he was a renown, brilliant drummer).  The Pandemic delayed Genesis’ “The Last Domino?” tour, but it finally wrapped up last weekend at London’s O2 Arena.  During the show, Phil, from his chair center stage made this announcement.

There’s a big part of me that selfishly hated to see this.  I mean, I love this man and this band’s music.  However, when I see Phil Collins in his current physical state, all I want to do is hug him and get him some tea and a blanket.  There’s a time and place for all to call it a day.  Phil Collins and Genesis made the right decision.  There will be no damaging of their legacy.  Without mentioning any names, I think there are more than one musical act still trying to make a go of it who should look to this example.