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In the aftermath of the pandemic, one of the things that I’ve found most distressing is the lack of enthusiasm by many to return to work.  This is especially true when it comes to those that were in the food service industry.  I’m not sure where this mindset came from, but so many decided that all-of-the-sudden they were worth double, triple, ten times in compensation what they were before.  It still makes me scratch my head.  Anyway, I remember having a conversation with a fast-food franchise manager who opined, “This is going to backfire on people.  These companies will just find a way to automate and eliminate their jobs.  When they discover that they aren’t qualified to go from working the drive thru to running a Fortune 500 company overnight, they’re going to regret it.”  Meet RoboBurger.  RoboBurger is the name of a company and machine recently installed in Jersey City’s Newport Centre Mall. Its vending machine is described on its website as the “biggest innovation in hot food vending since the invention of the microwave.”

RoboBurger is approximately 12 square feet in size.  Inside it features all that is needed to complete a burger in about 6 minutes.  It uses the same cooking process employed by many fast-food restaurants. of a frame that occupies about 12 square feet, the RoboBurger features everything it needs to make a complete burger in approximately six minutes. When you order your RoboBurger, you can decide your condiments.  Worried about sanitation?  Upon delivery there’s a built-in cleaning system that is up to the standards of the National Sanitary Foundation.  And as if RoboBurger isn’t modern enough for you, can pay for your burger with both Apple Pay and Google Pay.