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Shania Twain is quite excited about a new screenplay based on her life that Sony Pictures have picked up, and she took to Twitter to congratulate the play’s author.

Shania wrote on Twitter, “I want to say a HUGE congratulations to Jessica Welsh on her screenplay ‘Shania!’ being selected for the 2021 Black List and being picked up by Sony Pictures! It’s so awesome to see young women who are determined in making their vision a success (1/3).”

She added a few minutes later, “It takes a lot of guts to do brave things. When I took control of my career, I wanted to kick the door down; I didn’t want to shuffle through it. And I knew that was a big risk, especially as a woman in the country music industry… (2/3). Those are the moments I live for, and I’m inspired by those moments every single time I see another woman, like Welsh, doing just that. Kick those doors down! Let’s go, girls!.”

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