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Okay, I’ll admit it, I NEVER miss “Wrestlemania.”  As a lifelong pro wrestling fan, this is a Super Bowl level event for me.  And this year, it’s gotten so big that this 38th installment had to be held over two nights in Dallas.  THE highlight from Saturday night was the return to the ring after 19 years of “The Texas Rattlesnake,” “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  What started as an interview with Kevin Owens turned into a full-on match.  To no one’s surprise, Austin stomped a mudhole in Owens.  What was surprising is how good Austin looked after 19 years of inactivity.  Wow.

Oh, but if you thought Stone Cold was done with just Saturday night, you better think again.  Following media star Pat McAfee’s win over Austin Theory during Sunday’s Action, Austin returned to the ring to celebrate and deliver one more “Stone Cold Stunner.”  Pat McAfee obviously forgot to live by one of Austin’s mottos:  DTA (Don’t Trust Anybody).