Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Cha Ching!! Neal Badolato of Cornelius says he is not really a betting man but there was a little voice inside that told him that on that particular day, go ahead and take a chance on a twenty dollar scratch off ticket.  It paid off.  Big time.

It all went down in Cornelius when Neal was doing a little grocery shopping at the Harris Teeter on Catawba Avenue.  Along with the meats, cheeses and produce he see out of the corner of his eye where he could purchase the Diamond Dazzler.  Oh but it cost twenty bucks.  That is a lot of money but Neal went for it.

As he scratches off he notices things are starting to look pretty good.  He is now 2 million dollars richer and he has already received his prize.  After taxes and fees Neal walked out of there with a check for a cool $852, 126 dollars!!  Whoohoo!!  No word on how he is going to spend it but Channel 9 has more right here.