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It is the age-old question.  Some might even refer to it as an age-old gamble.  Once that gas tank indicator hits “E,” how much gas is REALLY in the tank?  How far can you really go?  I play this game so much.  It drives Debbie crazy.  And in all fairness to me, I’ve only run out of gas once in the 29 years she’s known me and been riding shotgun.  Famously, this was illustrated by “Kramer” on “Seinfeld.”

Seriously though, how much is in the tank when you’re on “E?”  How far can you still travel?  You can now find the answer to your mystery at  Here are the stats on Debbie’s Chevy Traverse.

Tank On Empty stats

Got to be honest.  I’ve totally underestimated how far I can travel on “E” in her car.  She’s not going to want to hear that. <g>  By the way, all of this could be a moot point with Country 1037’s “$500 Fill Up!”