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If there’s one thing that is a biproduct of the pandemic, it’s the fall in quality of the food industry.  Now, I’m not necessarily speaking of food quality (although there certainly could be something there as well), rather in service.  To be fair, in MOST cases this is due to understaffing as people who were servers/cooks have chosen not to return and replenishing their positions has proven challenging at best.  That being said, Debbie and I have just come to expect and accept poor service.  When the opposite occurs?  It’s a bonus.  We are in the minority though.  Hardly an instance of eating out happens that we don’t witness customers losing their minds on servers/restaurant managers.  So, I kind of respect what this diner owner in Wisconsin did.

Vicki Lehnerz owns “Skinny Vic’s Diner and Coffee Stop.”  And she’d had enough with rude customers, so she shut her doors and posted the following on her diner’s door: “WE ARE UNDER STAFFED… SEVERELY… JUST LIKE EVERYWHERE. MY STAFF CHOOSES TO BE HERE TO SERVE YOU! UNFORTUNATELY DUE TO MISTREATMENT TOWARDS THEM I HAVE CLOSED FOR THE REST OF TODAY. BE KIND & RESPECTFUL. — VIC”  Good for her.  Everyone, be patient.  Exhale.  It’ll all be better, it’s just gonna take time.