For Thanksgiving it was wacky, over-the-top turkeys, now it’s candied hams for Easter. Easter meals and ham go hand in hand, but Easter is also known for what food? Candy. So why not combine these two festive foods into one? That’s exactly what Reynolds Wrap did. And we’ve got the recipes for you to try at home.

So what exactly is a candied ham? They merge beloved sweet and salty Easter eats to make one memorable meal.  Reynolds Wrap created three recipes that incorporate classic, nostalgia-inducing candies and of course that classic Easter entree. The stunning springtime recipes include:

  • Sour Candy Ham – Draped in vibrant rainbow-colored sour candy (pictured are Airheads Xtremes), with a burst of extra-tart flavor courtesy of the citrus lemonade glaze.
  • Marshmallow Ham – Coated in marshmallow fluff rich with creamy, sweet flavor and lined with sugar-coated seasonal bunny treats.
  • Jelly Bean Ham – Glazed with an assortment of jelly bean flavors and paired with three-dimensional pastel jelly beans.

I think of the options I’d choose the Jelly Bean Ham. I do like a good salty sweet combo, but is this the one? I guess I’ll have to try it to find out!