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Debbie and I lived and worked in Augusta, Georgia for 5 1/2 years, or as it would be explained in local parlance, 6 Masters Tournaments.  As a golf nut, I came to LOVE everything about this week and that tournament.  In fact, at the time we lived there, The Masters was really the ONE highlight that town had on an annual basis.  Anyway, living there, I lost all perspective on how difficult it is to actually attend the tournament (tickets or “badges” are not hard to come by for locals).  I not only used to go every year, but multiple times within a given year.  Then we moved away, and I realized how blessed I was.  The only way to get face value badges is to enter the annual lottery run by Augusta National Golf Club (the host of the tournament).  I enter every year.  I NEVER got chosen…until 2018.

Today is Wednesday.  And Wednesday is special during Masters Week.  It starts with a morning practice round for players and concludes with a tournament on the clubs short, “Par 3” course.  Just about everyone participates and the vibe is so laid back and fun compared to the main tournament.  I hope you enjoyed reliving my “Par 3 Day.”