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Tanner's late grandpa Herb Tanner!

I am not proud of myself.  I cannot name all four of my grandparents by their first name.  There really is no excuse for that except that all of them were gone before I was born so I never really got to know them.  I do know Tanner’s granddaddy’s first name because it is Tanner:)

There is a new survey by Ancestry and it shows I am not alone.  More than half of Americans don’t know the names of all four grandparents.  Over two thousand Americans were surveyed and knowledge of past generations is varied.  66 percent of people in Boston could name all of their grandparents compared to only 26 percent in Philadelphia. People that live in San Francisco aren’t all that much better at 34 percent. The Carolina did slightly better than most of the country, 54 percent can name all four.  Probably all those Sunday lunches at your Grannie’s house paid off with a little more knowledge.

As a whole just 47 percent of people in this survey could call their MeeMaw and Peepaw by their actual name.  So here are the names of my grandparents I do know: My paternal grandparents are Corrie and Jim.  My maternal grandparents are Edith and …….oh!! typing helped me remember!  It’s Oscar Lee!!  So here is a tip, if you can’t remember just write a blog about it:)

For more information about this study just check out the article right here from Businesswire