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I’m not gonna lie.  Debbie and I have to take a trip at the end of the month (you’ll find out about this on air probably next week-you’re gonna be excited!).  We haven’t been on a plane since before the outbreak of the pandemic.  Air travel THEN was a pain in the arse.  Based on all we’ve seen and read since?  Yeah, not looking forward to it.  Anyway, regardless of pre or post pandemic, one thing that is just awful is being stuck on the tarmac waiting to take off.  I’ve never waited longer than 45 minutes, but I’m lucky.  Some have waited for hours.  A good way to pass the time?  Well, Southwest has this taken care of with three words:  toilet paper race.

These passengers were delayed at Chicago Midway (one of the nation’s busiest airports).  I just love these flight attendants.  They hand out a roll of tp to each side of the plane and then give commentary to the overhead, handoff race than ensues.  Classic!