Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Seas creatures are the coolest. If you love octopus, well October 8th is the start of World Octopus Day! This holiday takes place from October 8–12 each year. Since octopuses have eight arms and squid have eight arms and two tentacles, the holiday week begins on the eighth day of the tenth month. Pretty cool!

Apparently, one plus one equals two-na.  A new study says that fish are capable of doing simple math problems, just like some people.  Not me of course because I am horrible at math, but some people.

A new study in Europe has found that some fish such as stingrays are both capable of recognizing and calculating small quantities without really having to count them….just like you and I would looking at change on a table.

Although some people call fish the “dunces of the animal kingdom” because of their short memory span which can last just three seconds; this new study revealed their capacity for complex sums like adding and subtracting from one to five.

To learn more just check out all the details in the New York Post