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Since the pandemic, country music stars and industry types in Nashville have let the tradition of having a party to celebrate a number one song slide quite a bit. While there have been a couple since 2019, Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean decided they were going to celebrate the success of their Grammy-nominated song “If I Didn’t Lve You.” They did so last week.

Jason said at the party, attended by people close to him and the song’s writers, “From the minute I first heard the demo of this song, I knew I had to cut it, and a couple of weeks later, Carrie was putting her vocal on it. We thought it was going to be good, but it ended up being really special. Big thank you to the writers, Carrie, country radio, my team, and everyone in this room who leaned in on this song – I’m really proud of it.”

Carrie added, “In this case, the old cliche ‘it all starts with a song’ is exactly how it happened. The stars lined up so quickly to make this happen; it was all meant to be. Thanks to everyone who helped give this song the light it deserves; it’s been really fun to be part of it.”

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