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According to Fox46.com, a couple of airline passengers accused of assaulting crew members and fellow passengers face two of the largest fines ever. The FAA says the passengers could pay penalties of $81,950 and $77,272. A lot of the fines will go to other passengers on the flight.

The first passenger was going from Dallas to Charlotte on July 7th when she fell while she was out of her seat during the flight. She then allegedly threatened to hurt a flight attendant who offered help, shoved the flight attendant, and tried to open the cabin door.

When two other flight attendants tried to stop her, she allegedly hit one on the head. The crew managed to get her in zip-tie style restraints, but the FAA said the woman “spit at, headbutted, bit and tried to kick the crew and other passengers.”  Police arrested her in Charlotte.

Another female passenger, who faces a $77,272 fine, was going from Vegas to Atlanta when she tried to hug and kiss the passenger next to her. She’s also accused of walking to the front of the plane and trying to leave the airplane mid-flight.