Catherine Lane

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It is highly unusual. Researchers recently discovered a rattlesnake that actually died from biting himself.  Talk about self loathing! Apparently, Some snakes don’t even like themselves.  In the animal kingdom, self preservation is one of the most basic needs.  I am no zoologist, but I imagine that perhaps this snake had something irritating on its back and it was simply trying to get rid of it.

The Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch is studying the deceased critter.  They say he was discovered with one of his fangs still in his back.

I had an opportunity last year to see a rattlesnake in the wild and I was on horseback at that.  This guy was humongous and he was happily slithering along in the opposite direction.  And I was happy to see him headed in the opposite direction.

Here are the details about the departed rattle snake


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Posted by Rolling Plains Quail Research Foundation on Wednesday, March 30, 2022