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Tiger Woods’ captivated the sports and golf world this weekend as after nearly having his leg amputated 14 months ago, he returned to compete in this year’s Masters Tournament.  On the Monday after the tournament, his 20-year-old clubs are captivating the sports world.  Tiger earned $43,500 for his work this past week.  At auction, his former “tools of the trade” earned more than $5 million!

These were the clubs used by Tiger to win “The Tiger Slam” (he won all four major championships in a row:  2000 US Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship and 2001 Masters).  This set of clubs were purchased by Todd Brock back in 2010 for a little more than $57,000.  This weekend, they sold for $5.1 million!  Wow!  This is by far the biggest amount for golf memorabilia ever paid.  The previous record was for Horton Smith’s “Green Jacket” (given in recognition of his 1934 and 1936 Masters wins) for $682,000.