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My ears perked up when I heard about making tomato wine. Being a huge fan of Bloody Mary’s how bad can it be? Wine is most commonly made from grapes, but it can also be produced from other fruit, like tomatoes! Tomato wine is described as slightly fruity and zesty with some sweetness. Making this type of wine is a long process, but it can be accomplished with care and effort. They say to get a 3-5 gallon fermentation jug and melt five pounds of sugar in boiling filtered water. Then add the tomato juice, and when the mixture is lukewarm add proofed wine yeast. Apply an air lock and let fermentation take place until it calms down. Rack the wine and let sit two years.

Did you plant tomatoes yet? As soon as your tomato garden pops up ferment your tomatoes in the pantry. Place tomato juice, salt, pepper and whey into a quart jar and stir. Put lid on jar and allow juice to ferment at room temperature for 2 to 3 days stirring once or twice a day. Store juice in refrigerator after fermentation has been completed. Sounds nasty, but I bet tomatoes would be fascinating to play with.


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