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Dishin' With Debbie-Pad Thai Mini Pierogies

Pad Thai Mini Pierogies


I am so excited to share another Mrs. T’s Pierogies recipe with you guys!  I love any kind of Asian food, and I think I would eat it every day if I could.  One of the classics is Pad Thai.  This recipe is a new take on Pad Thai, using Mrs. T’s Pierogies in place of the typical noodles in the dish.  You still get that inviting silky pasta as you would with noodles.  However, as an added bonus, you have the fluffy whipped potato filling inside.  Of course all the other traditional flavors are there as well.  This recipe comes together very easy and packs a ton of flavor.  From the soft scrambled eggs to the freshness of the bean sprouts, garlic, chili flakes, the delicious peanut sauce and crunch of the peanuts and scallions, this dish is a winner the whole family will love.  I hope you’ll try it!  Remember to look for Mrs. T’s Pierogies in the frozen section of your favorite grocery store.