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Stories of heroism and bravery come out of the Ukranian conflict on a daily basis.  I’m not sure if this is necessarily “heroic,” but it is 100% relatable and inspiring.  Imagine if-just three months ago-you were living your dream.  You were a small business owner (in this case a pizzeria) and life was great in your home country of Ukraine.  You had employees, a loyal customer base, your family was provided for…and then, Russia invaded.  Now, all that’s left is you.  And to keep your business-your dream alive-you’ve got to somehow find a way to fight to keep it going.  A journalist from Belarus shared this video of a pizzeria owner delivering his pies all over Kharkiv.

Here’s what’s cool.  Not all of the orders are made locally.  According to this Ukranian pizza entrepreneur, calls come in from outside the country to pay for orders for doctors, emergency workers and ordinary people.  God bless this guy and people of his country.