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According to WCNC, employees at Sonic in Harrisburg can get paid daily. This is thanks to a new tool allowing workers to get their cash more immediately. Daily Pay has a mission: “Work today, get paid tomorrow.” Once employees sign up, they have the option to take out a portion of their earnings nearly on a daily basis.

They say for a small fee a portion of the employees’ pay will go right to their bank account. Sonic director of operations Chuck Buckman said, “People should have access to the money they earn today, tomorrow, and things of that nature instead of having to wait to get their paycheck.”

He said Sonic just launched Daily Pay last week and already at least 20% of the staff has signed up. The hope is that the incentive might help with recruiting more applicants to apply and once hired have employees stick around.

Do you like the idea of daily pay? Are you willing to pay a fee for it?