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With the admission that I’m directly stealing from Bill Maher here:  NEW RULE.  There has never been a woman who believes that a visit to Target is a GREAT first date.  Little sidenote here guys, in the age of social media, there’s no way you emerge from this kind of error unscathed.  In fact, if she’s on TikTok (like @amberwavesofbrain) you’re going to get virally scorched.

Her post goes like this:  “A guy from Hinge asked me on a date and here we are” — and points to the Target sign. “This is where he wanted to go. So I’m here!”  Now, in this poor-judgement-gentleman’s defense, “Amber” did post this follow up video…


Reply to @wholeheartedlyme First date at Target update. Maybe next time we’ll go to Home Goods

♬ original sound - Amber

So, perhaps not such a bad date after all?