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It’s every dog owner’s worst nightmare. Stacey Elam was understandably devastated after her dog “Chris” got off of his leash and disappeared. Chris is a black poodle mix and named after Elam’s late husband. Luckily Chris was microchipped and an animal shelter scanned that chip and reached out to Elam. Here comes the crazy part of this story. Elam lives in Hayden Alabama. Hayden is a small town between Birmingham and Huntsville. But the animal shelter that found her dog Chris was the Pender County Animal Shelter in eastern North Carolina. That’s over 500 miles from Hayden.

The shelter, who shared the story on their Facebook page, contacted Elam about a month after her beloved pet first disappered. In fact, it was on her anniversary with her late husband. Unfortunately being so far away and being on disability it made it impossible for her to get to North Carolina to pick him up. Thanks to the kindness of strangers however, Chris was able to get a ride to Alabama and be reunited with his mother.

The moral of this story? Make sure your pets are microchipped! There is probably no way Elam ever would have known that  lost dog ended up in North Carolina. But thankfully because of the microchip, he ended up back with her! I love a good news story with a happy ending!


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