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42 pounds blue catfish

See this catfish I am holding here.  This is around a 42 pounder.  And it was a challenge to bring to the boat.  Now imagine one around three times this size! According to Channel 9, a man in Mississippi shattered state records by bringing in a huge monster of a catfish tipping the scales at 131 pounds.

Catfish are fun to catch and of course they are delicious but you wouldn’t want to keep one this size, the meat probably would not taste very good.  Plus you want to put him back and let him live his best life.  He has lived long enough to get this big, he deserves a break:)

Meet, this guy.  He says the fish was so big it was pulling his boat around even letting out the drag.  One fun thing about catfish, when they hit, they hit hard.  Sometimes you might have one that nibbles but the big ones will sink the tip of that rod to the ground and then you may hear that familiar zzzzzing of the line.  That gets my pulse racing.  He has taken the bait, Fish on! And unless that line snaps for one reason or another you are about to be in for a nice catch.

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Here are some tips on how you can bring in your own big cat.

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