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OMG, this is my favorite clip of the weekend by a long shot.  Jennifer Garner (admittedly, my celebrity crush for more than 20 years) turned 50-years-old.  Apparently, she’s a lifelong Donny Osmond fan (proof is below).  So, when you’re Jennifer’s friends, how do you surprise her?  Two words:  Donny Osmond.  She thought a Cameo video was the extent of it.  Oh no.  Donny brought Jennifer a cake that said, “13 Going on 50! Love Donny!”  How great is this?  Watch her legit, fangirl reaction!

And in case you were wondering if this is a put-on, you’ve got to check out this clip from an appearance by Jennifer Garner on Donny and Marie Osmond’s talk show from 20 years ago.  Just watch how she is genuinely fan-girling over Dony!