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Mandatory magazine says a Charleston, South Carolina man is going viral because he has asked the city to create a queso cheese lazy river. Hagen Raglan wrote a letter to the city that read: “Hey can you guys turn the lazy river at Whirling Waters into a queso cheese lazy river? We could all just float in the river with a bag of chips and a long twisty straw and have the time of our lives with that sweet sweet queso. Okay let me know what you think.”

City representative Nick Epps replied; “Thank you for inquiring about us finally turning Whirlin’ Waters into the cheesy oasis we have all dreamed of That type of event would certainly bring us a lot of business and we could even claim it to be an environmental marvel with using natural sunlight to keep the queso river flowing. I will “definitely pass your suggestion along the chain-of-command just in case I’m overlooking a fatal flaw in our reasoning (more like seasoning, amirite?).”