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I first heard about the Tunnel to Towers Foundation from my friend Linda Viner a few years ago.  She was telling me about this incredible firefighter named Stephen Siller.  In my eyes, all first responders are heroes but Stephen was an incredibly unique and special kind of hero.

On September 11,2001 Stephen had finished his shift and was heading home to play golf with his brothers.  Then he heard that one New York’s twin towers had been struck by a plane and that was all he needed to know.  His day had just been changed.  Without hesitation, Stephen headed back into the city but his truck was stopped at the Brooklyn tunnel.  No one was allowed in.  Stephen grabbed his 60 pounds of gear and ran all the way into harms way ready to help others.  Stephen did not come home that day.

His family and close friends  formed a foundation called The Tunnel To Towers foundation.  One of it’s goals, is to raise money to pay off the mortgages of first responders killed in the line of duty.  One of the fundraising efforts includes tower climbs and one such climb is being held in uptown Charlotte on Sunday May first.  The climbers will raise money that will help make life easier for the first responders families that perished helping others just like Stephen did on 9/11.  We are honored to be asked to take part in this day

The Stephen Stiller Tunnel To Towers Foundation recently paid off the home of fallen Charlotte Police officer Mia Goodwin.  To learn more about how you can help raise money for this incredible organization and more about what they do, just go right here for more information

Here are some pics from the last climb here in Charlotte. Pictures courtesy of Wanda Koch photography